Someone who goes to salons knows that waxing is the need of an hour these day for every women. Moreover, waxing lasts for many days as compared to shaving which is just an alternative in case. Shaving requires treatment every two days but waxing lasts for six weeks. Waxing is for upper lips, eyebrows, chin, underarms and arms as well as legs and bikini areas. If you’ve been wondering, why should you go for waxing salons, keep reading.

Kinds of waxing methods

There are mainly two types of waxing that you can find in waxing Salons in Sydney:

  • Hot waxing: in this, hot wax is put in directly to the skin then the wax is left for some time so that it hardens on the skin. After this the wax is pulled off from the skin. The benefit of this waxing is that it opens the pores before the strips of waxing are removed from the skin.
  • Warm waxing: in this, wax is put in to the skin using the spatula. Strips of fabric are smoothed over the wax and then removed quickly, removing the wax and the hair both from the skin.

Benefits of regular waxing

  • Slighter regrowth: the best benefit of waxing is that the growth of hair is not at a faster rate than other treatments. Waxing removes the hair from the root of skin making it smooth. No post shower or missed areas. Regular waxing makes the growth of hair very slow giving very finest results to the skin. Even those who get hair quickly after waxing will even enjoy the waxing till 3-4 weeks.
  • Waxing is like exfoliation: Not taking care of skin leads to dead skin cells of the skin which lead to roughness and blemishes on the skin. It’s why one exfoliates in order to remove it all. With waxing, all this removed and the waxed area is smooth, clean and fresh. That said, “it’s not particularly an exfoliation method, and for finest results, it is advised one exfoliate a few days before having a wax.
  • Waxing leads to no itching on the skin: after shaving, the itchiness remains on the skin for a longer time and sometimes it does not go but in case of waxing, itchiness occurs but it goes in sometime. What’s more, one won’t need to reach for any shaving products which makes skin itchy and even worse.
  • It’s a chance for indulging and you time: taking waxing nearby one’s home is a chance to look after and cared for by a skilled beautician, and a chance to make sometime for oneself from the busy schedule of life and getting relax and curing the skin which makes one look more beautiful and happy.
  • Very less ingrown hairs: shaving is harmful for the skin leading to many problems. Ingrown hairs can be painful and may also lead to infection by shaving. A professional waxing specialist will knowledgeably ensure they remove the wax strips in the best way proven to make less the risk of ingrown hairs. If one is particularly prone to ingrown hairs, then one must tell its beautician and also make sure that one exfoliates and moisturises well, two days after the wax.

What to do after waxing:

Sometimes waxing on the skin leads to itchiness and some problems but no worries, it is normal and one can easily deal with it.

  • Apply a cool compress or one can take a cool shower to reduce irritation and sensitivity.
  • Try to wear clothes which are not tight and attached to skin to avoid irritation.
  • Don’t apply perfumes or any kind of lotions or products after waxing as it leads to irritation.

Above we talked about the benefits of waxing. However, the benefits of waxing are notable. Waxing is one of the most popular beauty treatments available at Indian waxing salons in Sydney. So, one must always go for waxing as it makes the skin super smooth and makes the skin glowing that one is definitely going to love its skin. Looking for the best option near your location in Sydney? Exotic Indian Beauty can your best bet. You can easily locate their store across 9 locations in the city. So, call now and book and appointment.