Looking for the best hairdresser Sydney? You are in the right place. Why is it important to have a great hairstyle? Why can’t you not want to have great hair? What is so special about a good hair day? This blog is everything about hair. Exotic Indian Beauty is happy to share a great deal of knowledge and insider information with our customers. We know you will recognise the best one on your own! Let us see what your hair actually needs to grow and flourish with excitement.

  • Get the basics right!

There is no point in damaging your hair to make it look beautiful. Your locks should be beautiful inside out in order for you to flaunt them for a long time. Strengthen your hair to begin with. Eat healthy, workout, meditate and give some attention to your strands every now and then. This will help your hair to absorb the nutrition and grow out stronger. You are what you eat and what you do, and the same holds good for your hair. Know your hair type and give it some care and attention regularly. Nobody would be happy with your hairstyle if your hair is crying from the inside.

  • Know your hair type!

Be it curly, wavy or straight: you must know where you belong. Each hair type needs a different type of care. You must be aware of your scalp type as well. It can be oily, dry or normal. Some people also have an oily scalp and dry strands. It varies from person to person! You must be aware of the type of hair and scalp you have and treat it accordingly.A treatment that suits type A hair might not suit type B hair. Spend some time to analyse and find out how your hair functions and what it actually needs before getting your hair treatments and hairstyling done. Experts at Exotic Indian Beauty, one of the best hair salon Sydney, will analyse your hair type and assist you completely when it comes to your hair.

What does Exotic offer for your hair?

  • Hair Trim
  • Kids Hair Trim
  • Hair Style Cut
  • Hair Wash
  • Blow Dry
  • Hair Styling
  • Hair Styling
  • Hot Oil Hair Treatment
  • Protein Hydrating Treatment
    [Include Wash / Massage / Hair Spa]
  • Keratin Treatment
    [Semi-Permanent Hair Smoothing]
  • Hair Repair Serum Treatment
  • Full Head Colour
  • Half Head Foils
  • Full Head Foils
  • Toner
  • Hair Henna (Exc Wash)
  • Root Touch-up
  • Global Hair Color
  • Why choose Exotic?

Unlike any other hair salon in Sydney, Exotic offers an unmatchable experience. A salon with Indian touch in Sydney is not something that you get to see often! This authentic experience that you get to enjoy is what makes all the difference. Exotic have access to trained professionals who can add a lot of value to the services that you purchase. Experienced experts can make it a lot easier for you in terms of time and effort. If you are tired of your usual salon and want an upgrade, then look no further than Exotic Indian Beauty! We can provide you with the best value for both your time and money!

  • Few things that you can do!

Now please pay attention: we are about to share some stuff that will not be shared by any other salons out there! We share this information so that our customers are well prepared to receive our services. We also have some insider tips to help your treatment stay for extended periods. Don’t apply chemical products before coming into get some treatments

  • Carefully analyse the treatment and the products used
  • Always double check if that treatment will suit your hair and scalp type.
  • Check if the professional treating your hair is trained or untrained
  • Carefully analyse the ingredients that go into the treatment
  • Avoid more than one or two treatments in a single go unless you feel it is absolutely necessary
  • Maintain your treatment with appropriate products that you have already analysed based on your hair type.

Follow these steps religiously, go through this blog as and when required. Every step is essential and getting the basics right is the most important step. Build a strong foundation before treating your hair. Healthy hair can provide added lustre to all the treatments and hairstyles that you choose. A good hairstyle can make or break a look. Book an appointment with our professionals to access the best hairdresser Sydney and enjoy fabulous looking hair!