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Best Beauty Parlour in Sydney

The salon is not just a place you go for getting ready! We all do spend a lot of time inside a salon than on the sofa or a beach. What more do we need to prove hours of your valuable time are spent inside a salon? Make a note of how many hours you spend inside a salon premise next time you visit. So it is a necessity to get a great experience at your salon. Exotic Indian Beauty is a beauty parlour in Sydney that will make your time worthwhile. Innate Indian experience will make you want more! We have crafted all our services with utmost care in order to fully satisfy our customers.

Most salons in Sydney will leave you shiny, but Exotic is the only place where you will achieve an inherent glow inside out. Along with usual salon services, Exotic also provides you with tips that can help you achieve true beauty from within. Our professionals are highly experienced and trained enough to serve you well under any given scenario. They take you under their wings to provide you with all the pampering you need. You don’t have to take our word for it: book an appointment now and experience it yourselves. Visit us once, and you will choose us every time. Yes, we are pretty sure of it! 

You are here reading this blog, which means that you are still looking for a salon that will provide you with the best possible experience. Here at Exotic, we don’t differentiate services based on the bills. We provide 100% to fulfill all our services. Look at some of the best-selling services of Exotic Indian Beauty.

  • Micro-Blading

We have trained professionals who perform this service on your eyebrows to help define it. Our clients with thin brows love this procedure as it lasts for around a year.

  • Hair Henna Treatment

Flaunt your naturally gorgeous hair! Exotic’s Organic Henna treatment colors and strengthens your locks. Get in touch with us to know more about our henna treatments.

  • Australian Pink Clay Facial

All-natural and effective ingredients are used in this Facial treatment so you can attain a natural and long-lasting glow.

  • Eyebrow Henna Tattoo

It is organic and gives your brows a nice boost. Henna allows your body to cool down and relax naturally. It is unique to Exotic.

  • Henna Hand Tattoo

 Exotic brings you a very traditional Indian temporary tattooing method. It is all-natural and refreshing! Exotic is known for its Indian services, which are unique to Indian traditions.

  • Hot Oil Hair Treatment

It is a great relaxation technique, combined with hair care. Many Indian traditions improve your health naturally and consistently. Hot oil treatment is again Indian and Exotic.

  • Global Hair Color

We provide our clients with great deals on hair colors which is safe and long-lasting. Our expert hairstylist will suggest a hair color that suits your style and attitude.

Stop searching for the best salons in Sydney you are already aware of Exotic Indian Beauty! We are the best in the industry. With such a wide array of services and the great experience that we provide to our customers, we are spread across Sydney with nine branches at nine locations. We have reached where we are by prioritizing our customers and their experience. Not many clients become patrons if they don’t like our service. We can proudly say 99% of our clients visit us again and turn into our regular customers. 

Walk-in or book an appointment: anything works with us. If you are inside Exotic, then we will give our 100% to make you feel special, and of course glowing.

There are many advantages of choosing Exotic over other salons.
  • Unique experience
  • Expert professionals
  • Exceptional service
  • Nine-Salons in Sydney
  • Best Henna Services
  • Great Results
What to look for in a Salon?
  • Timely service
  • Friendly and Understanding
  • Clean and Safe
  • Easy to reach
  • Easy to book a service
  • Sincere staff

What are you waiting for? Book an appointment right now to ensure that our services are as Exotic as we promised. Stay home and just leave your house for essentials like food and our salon service. Exotic is one of the beauty salons in Sydney, which has all the facilities you need and all that you want. Get in touch with our experts to get a better idea of our services. You can also visit our website to get other details.

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Build a strong foundation before treating your hair. Healthy hair can provide added lustre to all the treatments and hairstyles that you choose. A good hairstyle can make or break a look.

Flaunt your flawless hair!

Looking for the best hairdresser Sydney? You are in the right place. Why is it important to have a great hairstyle? Why can’t you not want to have great hair? What is so special about a good hair day? This blog is everything about hair. Exotic Indian Beauty is happy to share a great deal of knowledge and insider information with our customers. We know you will recognise the best one on your own! Let us see what your hair actually needs to grow and flourish with excitement.

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