Keratin Hair Service

Tired of frizzy and thick hair? Does managing your hair seem to be a task? You certainly need a hair treatment to make them manageable. We at Exotic Indian Beauty, offer the best hair care and treatment to our customers and make them fall in love with their hair once again. Among a huge range of hair treatments, the best for frizzy and unmanageable hair is Keratin. It is one of our most popular treatments, which smoothens the cuticle of the hair and give a shiner look. 

With a team of highly professional experts by our side, we claim to provide the best hair and skin care treatments in eight different suburbs of Sydney. In case you are also worried about your damaged and frizzy hair and dream to get shiny, and smoother hair, Keratin Hair treatments in Sydney can be your savior. 

Besides experienced staff, one more thing that sets us apart from the crowd is affordability. All our treatments and beauty services pocket-friendly. Moreover, all our experts have extensive knowledge of different hair and skin type and therefore offer customized treatments to our customers, which is best suitable for their skin and hair.

So, whether in terms of knowledge, experience, affordability, we try our best to stand up to customers’ expectations and exceed them with every visit to our salon. 

Let Us Explore Haircare Treatments Offered at Exotic Indian Beauty

Keratin treatments

It is the best treatment provided by us. Keratin treatment provides you with smooth, glossy, and shinier hair, which further helps in amplifying your overall personality and beauty. The products used in the treatments aim to straighten the hair wavy or curly hair follicles. We at Exotic use only high-quality products in your hair treatment, to keep any kind of hair damage at bay. With this treatment, you can get rid of some common hair problems such as frizz, and breakage. Moreover, it helps you in improving your hair colour, making them look shiny and healthy.

Benefits of keratin treatments at Exotic Indian Beauty
  • Smoothens the cells of hair that overlap to form hair strands.
  • The hair cuticles absorb the keratin that makes hair look full and glossy.
  • It makes curly hairs less frizzy, easier to style and straighter in look.

In keratin hair treatment, we add keratin artificially which is best to the hair to make it look smooth, shiny and frizz-free thereby making it very popular among men and women. A keratin treatment is used to get back the new fine hairs by putting back the lost protein into one’s strands.

Keratin hair straightening

This is a chemical process in which hair gets soft and shiny that is frizzy. In keratin treatment, we use the best chemicals so that it doesn’t affect the hairs by making it damage. The effect of straightening lasts for up to six months, however high heat is used on hairs as it is impossible to make them straight. One should go for keratin treatment rather than permanent straightening as it is a lot less damaging and lasts for up to six months. We provide both kinds of services but we always prefer our customers’ choices and we also give the best advice to go with the right hair treatment such as keratin hair straightening in Sydney.

The best protein treatments offered at Exotic Indian Beauty:

Protein hair treatment is a temporary yet effective solution for problems like dry and rough hairs. Keratin is a kind of natural protein which is present in hair and gets damaged due to a lot of reasons like sun, wind, pollutants so that’s why we go with protein treatments that nourish and strengthen one’s hair making it glossy. There are many protein treatments offered by Exotic Indian Beauty which are:

  • Cure for thinning hair: in this, we use treatment to get rid of one’s thin hair making it heavy.
  • Regrowing thin hair: in this, we work on the treatment for thinning to make them heavy again so that it looks beautiful.
  • Hair loss treatment for women: in this, we work on hair nourishment treatments so that women start gaining new hair.

Many more protein hair treatments are available so that one can get rid of all hair problems and we provide treatment according to the type of hairs one is having uses the chemicals according to that so that no damage takes place.

We provide all the kinds of treatments one needs to make them look beautiful. Every woman wants to look prettiest by giving their skin the best skin treatments which are affordable and use mainly chemicals that are not harsh on one’s skin by giving the best results to one’s skin. We know how important skin is for everyone and even the hairs which complete the whole look so here you are with the best services for skin at Exotic Indian Beauty as we have satisfactory results.

In order to deal with the spread of Covid-19, our salons strictly follow precautionary measures as when customers enter our salon it becomes our duty for full safety. Every part of the body is very important and everyone desires to look beautiful and our services like eyebrow threading, facial treatments, and hairdressing. We are home to some of the Best hair dressers in Sydney.

These all treatments are done with chemicals only as there is nothing which is used without chemicals for skin treatments but we ensure that these chemicals are the best to use so that they do not cause any damage to our customer’s skin and they get the finest results by making their skin glowing and beautiful. Our Exotic Indian Beauty provides Indian Beauty treatments as Indian beauty is the best in terms of everything. One should go with our services and our services are available at almost eight locations at Castle Hill, Jordan Springs, Penrith, Riverstone, Stairs, Tolgabide, and Wentworth Ville.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today to book your appointment.


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