Keratin Hair Treatment Vs Hair Smoothening

Are you tired of putting together and managing your frizzy hair? Like any other girl do you also want straight, shiny and frizz-free hair? Do you want to transform your hair into well-tamed tresses? Well, you certainly need a smoothing treatment for your hair from a professional and renowned salon. Lately, smoothening, and keratin treatment have become the go-to processes for hair smoothing.  However, when it comes to smoothing hair, we find many women confused about which treatment, they should opt for. Also, not to mention, with sleek and manageable, you can escape undergoing a hair loss treatment, due to less breakage. If you too are confused and want to figure out the right treatment for your hair, then keep on reading.

Insights of Keratin and Smoothening treatments

Even though both treatments straighten your hair, the solutions are different.

Since keratin is a natural hair protein, which blends quite well with the locks and leaves your hair healthy. In the keratin process, the internal bonds of the hair are not broken, and it improves the quality of hair. This treatment can be performed on types of hair, whether chemically treated, damaged, or bleached/colored hair. Many people get the treatment done after color application to increase color longevity. Moreover, the treatment can be implemented on thin hair and over-processed, which will you with hair conditioning as well.

Whereas the solution used for the regular smoothening process includes chemically processed ingredients, which are unknown to hair, which may not blend with hair as fine as keratin. In this process the hair bond is broken by the chemicals, which may pose damage, further, the treatment can be done on virgin hair, which is not chemically-treatment, colored, or damaged.

Common Things in Both Treatments

Both Keratin hair treatment and hair smoothening have several things in common, which are below:

  • Both hair treatments begin with thorough shampooing to get rid of dirt and grime build-ups from your scalp and hair.
  • Then after blow-drying, the Keratin or smoothening solution is applied to the hair.
  • Your hair looks straighter in both treatments, and they don’t hinder the hair structure permanently.

Both the treatments help with fighting humidity, add shine & gloss, and give you manageable hair.

Other Factors to Consider

While looking to go for smoothing treatment, it is important to consider each factor, concerning the treatments.

  • Long-lasting: Hair Smoothening can last for up to 6 to 8 months, while keratin lasts for 3-4 months.
  • Frizz-Free hair: Both treatments help you taming frizz and make your hair more manageable, and give you a well-groomed look.
  • Hair quality: Both treatments add life to dull hair. But keratin being a protein-based treatment strengthens your hair internally.
  • Aftercare: The Keratin treatment requires more aftercare than the smoothening one.

Cost: The Keratin treatment costs more than the smoothening one.

Which is The Right Treatment for Your Hair?

Now you know that both the treatments effectively tame frizzy hair and make them more manageable. So, it is better to reach a decision considering all the factors.

Want more treatment? We at Exotic Indian Beauty also offer pain-free full face and body waxing and many other services. So, wait no more and call us to make an appointment.

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