Waxing Services for Women

Waxing Services for Women

Want to get rid of excess and unwanted body hair. Waxing is the easiest and quickest remedy for this. Are you searching for a good salon near you to get your waxing done? Look no further because Exotic India Beauty is here to provide you with the best of waxing services in your area. We bring the whole range of waxing services for women at your nearest salon and our trained staff will make sure your skin feels baby soft after the waxing is done. Our expert and certified professional staff will ensure you don’t suffer any problems after the waxing and can feel smooth all day long.

Curious about our range of waxing services? Continue scrolling to explore.

Waxing Services offered By Our Specialists

●    Full Face and Body Wax

Going to a party? Want to wear that strapless dress but your body is not waxed? No worries! Exotic Indian Beauty is glad to offer you full face and body waxing services at the most reasonable prices. With our qualified and certified staffs, you do not need to worry about the aftermaths of the waxing. We will use the best wax that will suit your skin and prevent your skin from irritability and rashes or marks.

●    Brazilian or Bikini Wax

We also provide you with all the types of bikini wax so that you are ready for the beach or the pool party. We do all eight types of Brazilian wax starting from mini Brazilian to full buttocks at the most affordable price.

Waxing can be painful enough, but choosing which wax to use can be a real headache. All the waxes are known for their hair removing capacity. It becomes really confusing which wax to use for what. While the traditional waxing used sugar as wax but these days there are different options available for you to leave the salon with silky-smooth skin. So, if you are searching for the best services for body waxing near me, look no further than us.

Let us break down the different options available for you to choose which wax to use:

●    Soft Warm Wax

Soft warm wax is cream or resin-based wax which after heating is spread on large areas of the body like arms or legs and a cold cloth strop is pressed there. The cloth is then removed with the hairs from that part of the body. This kind of wax is capable of even removing the finest of the area but should be applied only once on the skin because it sticks to the skin

●    Hard Warm Wax

This is non-strip kind of wax. In this, a layer of warm wax is spread on the area. After the wax cools down it is removed from the skin along with the hair. This is an effective option for both thick and thin, fine hair and here the wax itself acts as a strip. A pre-epilation oil is applied over the area after the waxing to protect it from the wax.

●    Cold Soft Wax

Cold soft wax is directly taken out of the container and spread on the body part or comes in pre-made strips. This process is liked by many because there is no risk of burning here is involved here because of hot wax. But as it is firmer than the hot wax, it is inconvenient and may not be easy to spread it evenly in a thin layer on the skin. Also many find it much more painful than warm wax and it also leaves some hair unremoved.

●    Pre-made wax Strips

This is the most convenient, user-friendly and easy method for beginners. In this, the right amount of cold wax is spread on strips. All you need to do is warm it up a little by pressing and rubbing them on the area you want to wax. These require the least preparation and is the most convenient for travelling.

●    Sugar Wax

Sugaring is a traditional way of removing hair from the body originated in the middle east. It consists of hot water sugar and lemon. It is used in the same way as hard warm wax. But as this doesn’t stick to the skin, you can apply it on the same area multiple times. This sugar wax is extremely gentle and hence the most suitable for sensitive and reactive skin.

●    Fruit Wax

Fruit wax is also a type of strip-less waxing styles only with the added benefits of the fruits, such as papaya, pomegranate, strawberry, plum, cranberry, that they give to our skin. This is a good option for sensitive skin because this won’t cause any rashes or bumps or marks. Just make sure you are not allergic to the fruit you are opting for.

●    Chocolate Wax

Chocolate Wax is known to be very tender and one of the least painful waxing type. It comes with soothing and nourishing ingredients like soybean oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, glycerin, vitamin E and other minerals. Cocoa is itself very nourishing for the skin and has lots of antioxidants in it. The almond oil as anti-inflammatory properties which is a plus point because the hairs are removed from the follicles and it goes easy on it.

Chocolate wax comes in soft and hard but is always applied warm. Because of its low melting point, it has zero risks of causing any burns.

In this pandemic, our staffs will maintain proper hygiene and come after properly sanitizing their hands. They will use masks throughout. We make your safety our priority and customer satisfaction are our main goal.

Besides waxing services, our specialists can also help you the best and safe facial threading services. From eyebrows to upper lips, and side cheeks to chin and forehead, we provide all kinds of services for threading to our clients, with the utmost precision and care.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now +61 433440054 to book an appointment or log on to our website for more information!

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